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Four by 1

18 - 30 January 2020

Adam McGowan X It's Kind of Hard to Explain


Four by 1 is a collaborative body of work by It’s Kind of Hard to Explain and Adam McGowan. The works fuse with the structural properties of the Source Park building creating an idealogical blurring of the functional and the arbitrary. Utilising a limited variety of materials and techniques, elements of craft and artifice are used to create subtle interventions. Referencing the unoccupied, the empty and the actions of taking and receiving- like that of a container.


The bowl, the shadows, the leaking sky light, the scuffed grain, the waves, the up and down, the round and round.  


White Rock Baths constructed: 1879

Baths remodelled: 1930

Baths close: 1978

Ice Rink opens: 1978

Building closes: 1997

Source BMX Park opens: 2016

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Images courtesy of It's Kind of Hard to Explain

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